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It is therefore important to control these pest and manage them in order to increase the quality of lives of people as well as the production level of both plants and animals. This will then affect the economy of one’s life and also for the benefit of the government since most of the nations depend on the agricultural sector which is widely affected by these aspects and it is therefore important for such nations to invest more on pest control and management.

These flies are always harmful in hat they carry germs with them. Flies always like breeding in areas where there are human wastes or the food wastes that are disposed by human beings without the right procedure allowing them to breed in such places. When a person takes food which has already been contaminated by the flies they have higher chances of being infected with dangerous diseases which are a threat to human lives.

Pest management and control is also important because it helps to prevent destruction of property and crops. Rats are the most commonly known pests since their effects are always seen by their destruction ability where they destroy clothes and even sacks of maize in stores.

Most countries whose economy is higher are always helped by the fact that they invest a lot in the agricultural sector and they mostly depend on agriculture to improve their economy since it is always economy oriented field and contributes a lot to the economy of the nation. The pests that always affect crops and destroy them almost completely include the locusts and army worms. Army worms are pests that attacks crops especially maize when they just begin to mature and produce leaves at early stages of growth.

Locusts usually move as a swarm and when they attack crops they destroy a wide area until that particular area is exhausted then move to other green pastures to do the same destruction. Birds are also other pests which attack and destroy plants and it is therefore important to control them.

Modern methods of control are mostly harmful to the environment and also the health of human beings since the effects are always felt. To avoid such situations one should be able to spray the pesticides with precautions well taken care of. Another instance when the method of controlling pests is harmful to the health and environment is the use of an plane to spray larger farming schemes.

People’s lives are more important than the activity that would have been done in a way that could not have an impact on the other people whom you didn’t intend to.

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